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The Bertram family home is architect designed and situated on an unusually long and narrow block in an established neighbourhood. It is designed to make full use of the available space with two double bedrooms, a study, home theatre, large family and dining area, alfresco and pool.

The design also makes clever use of light to create a spacious and airy feel to the home, while the layout creates zones that allow family members multiple options for privacy.

It is fitted out to a high standard throughout and presents beautifully.

Client Comments:

“Although we had built with a large builder before, this was the first time I had built on my own. I didn’t want to compromise this time, I wanted a home my way that really worked for our lifestyle. Once the design was complete the architect conducted a tender then introduced me to Jack and Genesis Homes.

While building a home, particularly on your own, is really quite daunting, I found Jack and his team to be absolutely wonderful, so different to my previous builder who didn’t want to talk to us until hand over. This time I was provided regular updates and involved in decision-making throughout the process.

Jack challenged some of my more ‘out there’ ideas and thank goodness because he was right. I benefitted from his experience and practical advice. And because I was inexperienced I did make some changes and additions as the build progressed but we discussed these as they came up and made adjustments so I got exactly what I wanted, no problem.

I was probably most impressed with my Construction Manager Lyndon’s scrupulous attention to detail and insistence on a quality finish, he was more picky than I was! I really felt he was on Team Cate.

I felt I got much more personal service than I did with my last builder and I’m absolutely delighted with my new home.

If I do build again one day I’ll go straight to Genesis, next time I won’t need an architect.”

Cate Bertram

October 2013

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