Factory built second storey solutions

A factory-built second storey for your new home is a very competitive and clever alternative to double brick.

Using proven technology popular in the UK and USA and precision engineered in a purpose-built factory right here in Perth, they are produced complete with windows, doors, plumbing and electrical built in and ready for connection; then delivered to site in modules lifted into place and secured.

 They allow flexibility in design (including wet areas if required) and can be made to almost any size.

Features & benefits:

  • Save time – they are much quicker to manufacture than an onsite build.
  • Save money – it costs around 25% less than a second storey in double brick.
  • Energy efficient – their huge 8 Star Energy Efficiency rating more than meets the regulation 6 Star requirement.
  • Acousti-mat insulation provides fire resistance and sound-deadening equal to or better than concrete.
  • Choice of textures and renders on exteriors, including matching to existing double brick exteriors.
  • No permanent scaffolding means improved safety and reduced time on site.
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance.

With fewer trades and much less time required on site, a factory built second floor is a lower-cost, safer, faster and more eco-friendly second storey solution than traditional double brick construction.

Of course if you prefer double brick we are happy to accommodate that too.

See more examples of our multi unit developments here


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