For the Investor Builder

As a property developer or investor builder we understand that your requirements are quite different to that of someone building their own home.

For you it is a business proposition so maximising the return on investment is your primary objective. Not only will you want the lowest possible build price, but also issues like time to site and how quickly we can get the build completed will be critical to the outcome you want to achieve.

 Talk to us about your next project, whether it is a rear strata, a multi-unit development or a two storey project, selecting Genesis Homes as your project building partner is a smart move, here’s why:


For the investor or property developer, finish and fit-out specifications are going to vary depending on whether you plan to sell or rent the property so, while we offer a standard ‘Investor’ specification, you’re always welcome to upgrade to one of our other specifications; choose from the Complete Specification, Executive Specification, or if you are an investor or your budget is tight, opt for the Investor Specification.


Ask us about our three costing models for investor clients:

  1. Fixed price contract
  2. Cost plus
  3. Bonus and penalty – for the investor for whom speed of the build is critical


Because we are small team with a lot of experience we cut down on bureaucracy and paperwork and save significant time which means we can get your project built more quickly than many other builders.

For example, subject to council approvals, we are typically getting jobs to site within two months whereas for many other builders we know it can be up to six months. This aspect alone can make a significant difference to project financing costs.

Project management

We can help you to plan your project and offer an end-to-end turnkey solution. Our worksites are safety managed to best practice and closely supervised by a registered builder.

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Email Jack below with any questions or to book a consultation call (08) 9523 6519 and speak directly with the builder himself.