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This residence (client preferred their name remain private) is a spacious country-style home on a semi-rural block in Bedfordale. The client designed the home layout themselves and it features a kids wing with bedrooms, separate bathroom and a big activity room; it has study areas central to the home, a spacious secluded office adjacent to the owner’s large business workshop; a country kitchen, big alfresco area and verandahs, and a ‘carved in stone’ style grand porch.

The home is also six star energy rated, and steel was used on exterior trim to improve the home’s bushfire rating.

Client Comments:

“We spent a long time planning this home and waiting for just the right block to come along. We have a growing family with four children and we wanted to build for keeps. I am a tradesman myself so I know the building game. We did our own sketch plan and took it to one of the big builders first.

We heard about Genesis through an old school friend so we approached Jack and he came out to see us. To be honest he just left the other guys way behind. I’m a real stickler for details and it wasn’t long before I realised Jack is too! Large cornices? Yes. Colonial skirtings? Included. His price was better with more inclusions than the others offered. And he gave us some valuable advice that changed our thinking on levels and ceiling heights that has really made the inside of the home relate better with the alfresco and verandahs. By the time we finished the planning and pricing process we were feeling very confident that we were going to get a good job.

This is our dream home with a lot of features and details. From survey to handover was eight and a half months, pretty good I reckon. And did I visit the site during the build? I practically lived here. While construction was underway I did the shed, retaining walls, stormwater, landscaping and electrics. They are a great team and any little issues that came up were discussed, decisions made and resolved, no problem. My supervisor’s theme always was “You have to be happy”.

And we are. I’d say this about Genesis Homes; You won’t find a better or more honest builder, you just won’t.

Thank you Genesis Homes.”

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