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The Vaz residence is a four bedroom home custom built to accommodate a young family. Designed by the client himself it incorporates passive solar design principles to ensure energy efficiency.

The home is positioned on the block to take advantage of the northern orientation for natural heating to the main living area during winter, and to provide maximum yard space for the family. Eaves shade the large windows which are located to capture the benefits of cooling prevailing winds during summer.

Minor bedrooms are grouped to create a ‘kids zone’ which can be isolated with an internal door to reduce noise travel and retain heating and cooling within the zone.

Client Comments:

I had worked with Jack elsewhere in the past so I knew what a good builder he is so when it came time to build our home I sought him out. He certainly didn’t disappoint us.

Like a lot of young families starting out our budget was tight but we had very clear ideas about what we wanted to achieve to accommodate our lifestyle; and we wanted an energy efficient home. Genesis was able to meet our needs, and our budget.

Construction was completed in just five months and the workmanship and finish in the home is first class. We love our new home.

Oh and another outcome of building with Genesis has been that I applied for a position there and now I work at Genesis too!

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